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For posterity sake 2... - Andrew Rhodes

Apr. 9th, 2006

10:28 am - For posterity sake 2...

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The following was also posted to the same article as the other "For posterity sake..." post.
It's link is/was:

"Jack Thompson thinks it's great...
2006-04-09 08:10 am (local) (link)
That pixelantes are so self-deluded that they think a term that points out their practice of targeting those with whom they disagree for death threats, obscene e-mails, and the like is somehow a badge of honors.

Kind of like Nazis and Talibanis saying "Hey, look at me. I've got my Adolf Hitler underwear on!" Or "Hey, I've got my Talibani jockstrap on in this Afghan rape room."

So, party on Wayne. Party on Garths. You're so stupid that you don't even know what the terrorist epithet means. Duh.

Oh, and proof that the Thug in Chief is GP's Dennis McCauley: He allows posts here defaming me, and yet, in wonderful defense of freedom of expression, he just "banned" jack12345678 from posting this response to the above idiotic question. Wow, what a First Amendment hypocrite Dennis McCauley is.

Hey, Dennis, tell these Pixelante Thugs about the threatening letter you sent me saying I can't post at this site? Gee, looks like I can, Dennis, despite your efforts.

Oh, and Dennis, tell us all about how the St. Paul Pioneer Press ordered you to stop lying about your status as a "columnist" there. That's the real reason you've ineffectually tried to "ban" me here. You don't want the gaming community to know you are a disingenuous fraud. Jack Thompson

Hooah! Jack Thompson"


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