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My own reply to the John Bruce's FBI letter, pt 2 - Andrew Rhodes

Apr. 9th, 2006

01:07 pm - My own reply to the John Bruce's FBI letter, pt 2

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Re: Mr. Thompson's FBI letter, part 2
2006-04-09 12:55 pm (local) (link)
This is an issue of Mr. Thompson’s own decisions to make himself publicly
heard but not wanting to accept the fallout, good or bad, for his actions. Holding an individual responsible for their own actions is one thing. Holding other individuals or groups responsible for the actions of another is something totally different. There are many similar situations, even in today’s climate. It is rather a common thing for individuals, because of some common link, to be blamed for the actions of others. There are times when some groups or organizations are actually overlooked despite that common factor, either through political pressure or outright preferential treatment. Be that as it may, the truth is that anyone making harassing or threatening private contact with anyone is responsible for their own actions. No one else should be. The same is, in fact, true for public contact. It is true that Mr. Thompson is responsible for his own actions. Whether they be public or private.

“…this Dennis McCauley, who was told by another paper to stop portraying himself as a columnist”
This issue has been dealt with publicly as well. Of course, as you’ll note, Mr. Thompson fails to point these facts out. You are certainly welcome to discuss that issue with Mr. McCauley. But from my own perspective, a title does not make an individual good or bad. Indeed, Mr. McCauley could have proclaimed himself “the Lord, God almighty”, and since I am non-religious agnostic, I wouldn’t have believed him anyway. Yet, what is of importance to me on GamePolitics is that Mr. McCauley provides a central area where one may read stories of the day of import to the video game political arena. Just as some individuals choose to read financial news, sports news, entertainment news, or any other focused news report, this site provides news focused on video games and their connection to politics. Were the content of no interest, I would not be reading here. Indeed, how Mr. McCauley refers to himself is of no relevance whatsoever to me. It is the material that is of interest. And because this is a blog, it means that the articles that are posted here grant us, the Live Journal members who read Mr. McCauley’s blog, the ability to comment, positively or negatively to not only the articles, but to each other as well. And, yes, at times that includes to Mr. McCauley as well.

And since the issue seems to be of such interest to Mr. Thompson, I think it is important to point out certain facts regarding titles and their values in regards to him. Mr. Thompson, according to the Florida Bar website, maintains a “Member in Good Standing” title. He also frequently makes note, as he did in his alleged letter to you, that he has appeared on “60 Minutes”. He also frequently comments on having “prepped Hilary Clinton”. And has even thrown it about that he has appeared at a number of senate hearings, state level and federal. And there is no dispute to these claims, the end result remains the same: who cares.

(to be continued)


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