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My own reply to the John Bruce's FBI letter, pt 3 - Andrew Rhodes

Apr. 9th, 2006

01:08 pm - My own reply to the John Bruce's FBI letter, pt 3

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Re: Mr. Thompson's FBI letter, part 3
2006-04-09 12:57 pm (local) (link)
For it is Mr. Thompson’s overall actions which deserve notice. Actions which range from the simple childish antics of metaphorically stomping his feet and throwing a fit (his most recent letter to you is actually one such example) to outright lying and deceiving individual citizens all the way up through the political levels of local, state, federal, and even international political figures. Mr. Thompson has, recently, allegedly sent a letter to the state Attorney General of New York. In said letter, he accused the ESRB and more notably it’s president, Patricia Vance, of having committed fraud by misleading citizens regarding content of video games. While it should be left to the AG to decide if such accusations warrant further investigation or not. Nevertheless, it is still rather odd Mr. Thompson make such a claim. Mr. Thompson, himself, has made claims that he has been unable to back up with facts. In numerous situations, both in public interviews as well as letters to several political figures, for example, Mr. Thompson compares a yet-to-be-released video game, called “Bully”, to a “murder simulator”. Yet, at no time has Mr. Thompson ever shown where said game would contain the ability to “kill” characters in the game. You are welcome to investigate such claims yourself to prove whether what I say is true or not. If you should ask Mr. Thompson where his claim originates, please note that “because it’s made by Rockstar”, “it’s a Columbine simulator”, and “Trust me” are not sufficient pieces of evidence. Indeed, if the ESRB is guilty of fraud by not disclosing all information, as Mr. Thompson claims, then he, himself, would be guilty as during many of those public interviews and political contacts, Mr. Thompson fails to provide the fact that, just as there are alleged negative studies regarding video games, there are also positive studies regarding video games and, in fact, actually studies that contradict the negative studies. They are numerous, but to show that I’m not making false claims, you are welcome to contact the ESRB, IEMA, the ESA, or even examine www.videogamevoters.org and examine the menu choice “The Facts” for just some examples.

Therefore, Mr. Thompson has no room to speak regarding titles. Actions, as they say do speak louder than words as do actions speak louder than titles or associations.

“...actively seeks to prevent me from posting defenses of myself at his terrorist site.”

As I have pointed out before, Mr. Thompson likes to use inflammatory terns. He does this as a form of “shell gamery”, where he leads those he hopes to garner support by misleading them with sensitive words in hopes they are ignorant enough to ignore the facts of the issue. It truly is nothing new. Be that as it may…

On the issue of censorship and banning at GamePolitics. I dare not speak for Mr. McCauley, GamePolitics, or even Live Journal. I have made my opinions on the subject in general known. It is also known that, at the least, Live Journal has a number of rules which users must follow. You are welcome to check those rules at www.livejournal.com.
It is known that there are also rules which one must follow on what is, in effect, a moderated forum. Mr. Thompson has, on numerous occasions, violated those rules. Whether one feels that the “punishment” for the violations of those rules are fair or not is irrelevant. The truth is, Mr. Thompson violated those rules and now expects that, unlike his view of everyone else, he is above having to be responsible for his actions. Indeed, he has endeavored to circumvent those “punishments” by creating numerous Live Journal IDs (a Live Journal ID is required to post on the GamePolitics blog) from numerous locations. GamePolitics can only ban individuals based on Live Journal IDs.

(to be continued)