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My own reply to the John Bruce's FBI letter, pt 4, conclusion - Andrew Rhodes

Apr. 9th, 2006

01:09 pm - My own reply to the John Bruce's FBI letter, pt 4, conclusion

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Re: Mr. Thompson's FBI letter, part 4, conclusion
2006-04-09 01:00 pm (local) (link)
Live Journal itself can ban individuals based on IP addresses. From reported statements, Mr. McCauley has banned the numerous IDs of Mr. Thompson due to violations of rules. And Live Journal has banned at least 1 IP address of Mr. Thompson’s due to violations of rules. Mr. Thompson has apparently, in his “I am above the rules” code of ethics, circumvented those banning attempts by either changing Live Journal IDs and/or IP addresses. Naturally, as part of any probable investigation, it is your responsibility to question Mr. McCauley as well as Live Journal regarding these issues. As to whether it is right or wrong to ban/censor, I cannot answer because I own neither Live Journal or the blog GamePolitics. I neither approve nor disapprove as neither are my “house” to make policy. No more than either belong to Mr. Thompson. While he may have the right to complain to Mr. McCauley and/or Live Journal, it is rather ludicrous that he complain to the FBI or any other legal authority figure.

As to the “Pixelante” t-shirts. He once again makes inflammatory comments in hopes of steering you away from the facts of the issue. It has long been tradition that, through a variety of mediums, individuals who have been persecuted because of one common factor or another have sought ways to display a form of solidarity. In most recent decades, they have been the creation of bumper stickers, brochures, web sites, and, yes, even t-shirts. While Mr. Thompson would have you believe that there is only one reason for the solidarity and that it is only against him, Mr. Thompson fails to point out (as his custom) that there are many reasons that individuals may choose to happily accept being referred to as “pixelantes”. In my personal opinion, I don’t hold the term positive or negative. It is of little import to me. As to other’s opinions, ask them. Ask each of the individuals here their own feelings. Indeed, go as far as asking the individuals at www.pixelantenation.com why they chose the title for their own website. I believe you will find answers far different from Mr. Thompson’s.

Please feel free to have an open dialogue in public with myself here if you wish. If you wish to contact me personally, please follow the instructions I gave you earlier in this statement. I have no objections, though I prefer to meet someone at the Federal building downtown so that I know the contact is real. I have no objections whatsoever. Though I think you will learn more by having an open conversation with myself and others here or elsewhere in a public forum.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Andrew Rhodes
P.S. My apologies to GP readers. Once again, I've done it. Another long one. Sorry about that.